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Memory Disorders Assessment

We take great care to conduct a thorough evaluation of each patient, spending the time necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the patient's symptoms. We employ several tools to make a diagnosis, using only those needed to assess each patient. These include:

  • Neurologic examination
  • Assessment of memory and other thinking abilities (neuropsychological testing), conducted by specially trained professionals who tailor the evaluation to each patient's needs
  • Brain imaging, utilizing the tools and expertise of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell's renowned neuro-imaging program 
  • Blood tests
  • Spinal fluid examination, if necessary, to refine the diagnosis; we developed a spinal fluid test for Alzheimer's that is not available elsewhere

In most cases, we complete a patient's initial assessments in one to three visits. During the assessment stage of a patient's care, we can also arrange for consultations with social workers and for Alzheimer's-related genetic testing for family members. Our physicians also provide second opinions.

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