Weill Cornell Neurology 2023
The latest advances in medicine for a full range of neurological diseases and disorders

Neurology Patient Care

Our dedicated physicians and staff are committed to providing kind, personalized care to support patients and their families as they confront neurological conditions.


Our neurology residency program combines diverse and abundant clinical training with a comprehensive educational program to produce highly qualified neurologists. Within the program, we strive to develop our residents’ unique aptitudes, whether they lie in leadership, research, teaching, or public service.


Fellowship programs at the Department of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine offer advanced clinical training in the complex and evolving neurological disorders encountered in hospital settings today. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in academia and private practice.

Clinical Trials

Physicians at the Department of Neurology conduct clinical trials that explore ways to more effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat various neurological disorders as well as enhance our understanding of the field.


With publications in the world’s leading neurology journals, our physicians and researchers are at the forefront of advancing the field of neurology.

Brain Graphic
July 5, 2023
This is a virtual and in-person course offered in association with the American Stroke Association, New York City. This course provides a yearly comprehensive review of the fi eld of cerebrovascular...
February 24, 2020

In a new study in JAMA Neurology, Dr. Hooman Kamel and colleagues found that the short-term risk of a second stroke following an initial minor stroke is about 60 percent higher among African...

February 13, 2020

At the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Neal Parikh presented preliminary research into smoking rates among stroke survivors.

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