The Department of Neurology outpatient practices are OPEN for in person visits and we will also continue to offer Video Visits.

For information about COVID-19, please read our COVID-19 patient guide. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have reduced face-to-face patient encounters. However, our team of Neurologists can handle a lot of your follow-up and new neurologic care via a Video Visit. Video Visits are also available for follow-up appointments and new patient visits to New York State, Florida, New Jersey and Connecticut residents. Please call (212) 746-2596 to schedule a Video Visit.

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Where Are Our Residents Now?

Class of 2013
Nuri Jacoby—Neurophysiology, Weill Cornell; now Attending at Maimonides Hospital
Ali Saad—Vascular, Emory; now Assistant Professor at Brown
Bianca Santomasso—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC; now attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jacqueline Stone—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC; now attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Julie Tsao—Epilepsy, Emory; now epileptologist in private practice
Class of 2014
Dara Bier—Neuro-ophthalmology, Weill Cornell; now Assistant Professor at USC
Natalie Cheng—Vascular, UCSF; Director of Stroke Center at Methodist Hospital (NYC)
Mackenzie Lerario—Vascular, Weill Cornell; Medical Director of the NewYork-Presbyterian Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit Program
Carolina Maciel—Neuro-critical Care, Yale; now Epilepsy fellow at Yale
Justin Marcus—Epilepsy, Yale; now attending at Northwell Health
Alex Merkler—Neuro-critical Care, Weill Cornell/Columbia; now Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell
Vaishali Saini—Private Practice
Class of 2015
Vivian Chin—Neuromuscular, Columbia; now Assistant Professor at Columbia
Linn Katus—Movement Disorders, Mount Sinai
Uli Kaunzner—Multiple Sclerosis, Weill Cornell; now attending at Weill Cornell
Alex Miller—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC
Kate Nearing—Vascular, U. Tennessee; now attending at U. Tennessee
Tom Tropea—Movement Disorders, Penn

Class of 2016
Baxter Allen – Epilepsy, Weill Cornell; Neuro-critical Care, UCLA
Isha Duggal – Private Practice, NYC
Kyung-wha Kim – Epilepsy, Weill Cornell
Ursela Siddiqui – Multiple Sclerosis, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Prasad Shirvalkar – Pain, UCSF
Peter Yan – Neuro-Informatics, Weill Cornell

Class of 2017
Aaron Gusdon—Neuro-Critical care, Johns Hopkins
Daniel Kurz—Multiple Sclerosis, Mount Sinai Hospital
Evan Noch—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC
Setareh Omran—Vascular, Columbia
Neal Parikh—Vascular, Columbia
Alyssa Rehm—Neurophysiology, Columbia
Krithiga Sekar—Epilepsy, Columbia

Class of 2018
Yahya Atalay—Vascular Neurology, Weill Cornell; Neuro-Interventional, Weill Cornell
Jaclyn Burch—Neuro–Critical Care, Univ of Rochester
Trent Hodgson—Neuromuscular, Stanford
Radhika Jagannathan—Aging and Dementia, Columbia
Matthew Mercuri—Neurophysiology/EEG, Weill Cornell
Caroline Miranda—Neurophysiology/EMG, Columbia
Antonio Moya—National Clinician Scholars Program, UCLA

Class of 2019
Ashley Aaroe—Neuro-Oncology, MD Anderson
Mais Al-Kawaz—Neuro–Critical Care, Johns Hopkins; Neuro-Interventional, Mount Sinai
Brian Andersen—Neuro-Oncology, Massachusetts General
Christopher Brown—Neurohospitalist, Weill Cornell
Darya Khazanova—Neuro-Critical Care, UCSF
Jessica Wilcox—Neuro-Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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