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Where Are Our Residents Now?

Class of 2013
Nuri Jacoby—Neurophysiology, Weill Cornell; now Attending at Maimonides Hospital
Ali Saad—Vascular, Emory; now Assistant Professor at Brown
Bianca Santomasso—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC; now attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jacqueline Stone—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC; now attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Julie Tsao—Epilepsy, Emory; now epileptologist in private practice
Class of 2014
Dara Bier—Neuro-ophthalmology, Weill Cornell; now Assistant Professor at USC
Natalie Cheng—Vascular, UCSF; Director of Stroke Center at Methodist Hospital (NYC)
Mackenzie Lerario—Vascular, Weill Cornell; Medical Director of the NewYork-Presbyterian Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit Program
Carolina Maciel—Neuro-critical Care, Yale; now Epilepsy fellow at Yale
Justin Marcus—Epilepsy, Yale; now attending at Northwell Health
Alex Merkler—Neuro-critical Care, Weill Cornell/Columbia; now Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell
Vaishali Saini—Private Practice
Class of 2015
Vivian Chin—Neuromuscular, Columbia; now Assistant Professor at Columbia
Linn Katus—Movement Disorders, Mount Sinai
Uli Kaunzner—Multiple Sclerosis, Weill Cornell; now attending at Weill Cornell
Alex Miller—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC
Kate Nearing—Vascular, U. Tennessee; now attending at U. Tennessee
Tom Tropea—Movement Disorders, Penn

Class of 2016
Baxter Allen – Epilepsy, Weill Cornell; Neuro-critical Care, UCLA
Isha Duggal – Private Practice, NYC
Kyung-wha Kim – Epilepsy, Weill Cornell
Ursela Siddiqui – Multiple Sclerosis, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Prasad Shirvalkar – Pain, UCSF
Peter Yan – Neuro-Informatics, Weill Cornell

Class of 2017
Aaron Gusdon—Neuro-critical care, Johns Hopkins
Daniel Kurz—Multiple Sclerosis, Mount Sinai Hospital
Evan Noch—Neuro-oncology, MSKCC
Setareh Omran—Vascular, Columbia
Neal Parikh—Vascular, Columbia
Alyssa Rehm—Neurophysiology, Columbia
Krithiga Sekar—Epilepsy, Columbia

Class of 2018
Yahya Atalay—Vascular Neurology, Weill Cornell
Jaclyn Burch—Neuro– Critical Care, Univ of Rochester
Trent Hodgson—Neuromuscular, Stanford
Radhika Jagannathan—Aging and Dementia, Columbia
Matthew Mercuri—Neurophysiology/EEG, Weill Cornell
Caroline Miranda—Neurophysiology/EMG, Columbia
Antonio Moya—National Clinician Scholars Program, UCLA

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