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Resident Research


The neurology residency program features scholarly activity as a core component.  All residents participate in scholarly activity during there time here, and are exposed to exceptional research opportunities within the various academic divisions, the Brain and Mind Research Institute, the Clinical and Translational Neuroscience Unit, Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Residents have ample access to faculty mentors to guide them in research and writing projects, and may therefore gain experience in study design, data analysis, and publication.  Identification of candidates for numerous clinical trials is routine for our residents in inpatient and outpatient practice.  All PGY4 residents are supported to attend the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) annual scientific meeting, and residents are encouraged to present their work at national and international conferences including the AAN, International Stroke Conference, American Epilepsy Society, American Headache Society, Movement Disorders Society, and other meetings.


Brain and Mind Research Institute Positions

Our neurology residency program with support from the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI) offers one BMRI Research Fellow resident position every four years.  This position allows for such a resident to establish a research project early into training, have dedicated mentorship, support for materials, and protected time for research during the PGY4 year.  Participants are recruited into this program through the neurology residency match and include:

Evan Noch, MD, PhD, Residency Class of 2017

  • Studying the expression of lipid kinases in the brain and glioma, and examining the role of necrosis in regulating glycolytic flux and survival in glioma; combining the ketogenic diet with targeted metabolic drug therapies in glioma
  • Recruited to join our departmental faculty in summer of 2019 after his neuro-oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Kurt Qing, MD, PhD, Residency Class of 2021

  • Studying the prognostication of patients with seizures and status epilepticus post-cardiac arrest based on EEG patterns
  • Primary mentor is Peter Forgacs, M.D., M.S.


McGraw Fellowship in Neurology Research

The McGraw Fellowship in Neurology Research is a one-year award given to a 4th year neurology resident with great career potential to become an academic clinician. The award helps prepare the McGraw Fellow for a career in academic neurology to be cultivated at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian. The broad goal is to advance discovery of diagnostics and innovative treatments to improve outcomes for patients with neurological diseases. The McGraw Fellowship also supports one position in our neurology residency program to further our mission in clinical care, research, and education.

The McGraw Fellow is chosen based on high quality, compassionate, and scholarly care for their patients during the first 3 years of their residency training, and the initiative to develop a research interest or preliminary work in clinical, basic, educational, or epidemiological science that has potential to benefit patients with neurological disease and can be completed during the 4th year of neurology residency training.  The candidate is selected by the Clinical Research Committee of the Department of Neurology after presentation of candidates’ clinical and scholarly portfolios by the residency program director.  The McGraw fellow also is awarded protected research time furing their PGY-4 residency year.  The McGraw Fellow is identified as such in peer-reviewed literature publications.


Resident research symposium 

Our annual Resident Research Symposium features resident posters and platform presentations on work in progress, or previously accepted at various scientific meetings or published in the peer-reviewed literature.  This is an opportunity for residents to hone their presentation skills and they are supported in this by their mentors.  The annual event is well-attended by faculty, and is the venue for the announcement of the McGraw Fellow in Neurology Research.  Dr. Mary Vo along with the research chief resident organize this event.


Neurology Resident as Educator Track

A new initiative in 2019 led by Dr. Joseph Safdieh is an education track which culminates in an education research project.  Residents interested in developing careers as neurology educators may apply for selection to this competitive track during their PGY-1 year. Formal teaching, curriculum development, and committee responsibilities are graded by PGY year, with participation in an education research project mentored by our core education faculty.


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