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Headshot of Matthew Fink
Matthew E. Fink, MD
Chair, Neurologist in Chief
Headshot of Claire Henchcliffe
Claire Henchcliffe, MD, D.Phil
Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Chief, Neurodegenerative Disorders
Headshot of Richard Isaacson
Richard Isaacson, MD
Director of Graduate Medical Education
Headshot of Louise Klebanoff
Louise Klebanoff, MD
Vice Chair of Operations, Chief of General Neurology
Headshot of Joseph Safdieh
Joseph Safdieh, MD
Vice Chair of Education

Administrative Team

Lewis Cruz
Financial Analyst
(212) 746-6577
Thomas C. Horton
(212) 746-4599
Lazena Leckie
(212) 746-6564
Marisa Lekic
Clinical Manager
(212) 746-2347
Ingrid Moses
Billing Manager
(212) 746-2316
Blagovest Nikolov, MD
Clinical Trials Director
(212) 746-9882

Weill Cornell Medicine Neurology 520 East 70th Street (at York Avenue) Starr Pavilion 607 New York, NY 10021 Phone: (212) 746-2596