Curricular response to COVID-19: real-time interactive telehealth experience (RITE) program.

TitleCurricular response to COVID-19: real-time interactive telehealth experience (RITE) program.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsSafdieh JE, Lee JI, Prasad L, Mulcare M, Eiss B, Kang Y
JournalMed Educ Online
Date Published2021 Dec

. The COVID-19 pandemic placed an unprecedented strain on academic healthcare systems necessitating a pause in medical student teaching in clinical care settings, including at Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM). WCM had a preexisting telemedicine curriculum, but limited opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills related to direct virtual patient care. The authors describe the rapid implementation of real-time interactive telehealth experience (RITE) courses for clerkship students to allow for meaningful engagement in remote patient care and continuation of academic progress during the pause.. Medical school administration disseminated a request for proposals for RITE courses conforming to the WCM electives format with rapid turnaround time of 1 week or less. Requirements included remote care activities, goals and objectives, general logistics, supervision methods and standards of achievement. RITE courses were developed in outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine, psychiatry and women's health. A lottery process was developed to register students for the approved courses.. Using the technical platform and standard course registration process, students were assigned to 74 of 76 available RITE course slots. Students participated in supervised remote direct patient care and also provided critical support for frontline healthcare workers by performing remote clinical tasks. Online teaching and reflection sessions were incorporated into each RITE curricular offering. Student feedback was overall positive ranging from 3.33-4.57 out of 5.. The COVID-19 pandemic created a need to rapidly incorporate telehealth models in order to continue to deliver patient care and an opportunity to develop innovative remote educational experiences. We developed a framework for structured real-time interactive telehealth experiences to address COVID-19 related curricular needs that will be continued post-COVID-19. This expanded telehealth curriculum for our students will provide standardized training in telehealth logistics, communication techniques, and care delivery now essential for graduating medical students.

Alternate JournalMed Educ Online
PubMed ID33886434

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