A national survey of Neurology Vice Chairs For Education.

TitleA national survey of Neurology Vice Chairs For Education.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMilligan T, Cho T, Helms A, Khan J, Safdieh JE
JournalClin Neurol Neurosurg
Date Published2021 Dec 17

OBJECTIVES: A growing number of Neurology Departments have appointed a Neurology Vice Chair for Education (NVCE), yet the roles and responsibilities of an NVCE have not been previously described in the literature.

METHODS: A group of current NVCEs developed a survey that was sent to all NVCEs in the US via a secure, anonymous survey. Questions included roles and responsibilities, sources of support, metrics to determine success, faculty development, basic demographics and education scholarship engagement.

RESULTS: Response rate was 27 of 45 NVCEs (60%). Among the respondents, 70% have been in the role 5 years or less and the NVCE role existed for 5 years or less in 60% of departments. Eighteen percent were provided with a written job description, and 63% never received any job description. Most common responsibilities included overseeing student (78%), resident (78%), and fellowship (74%) education, participation in education section of an annual report (67%) and oversight of education scholarship (59%). Fifty-two percent reported no specific funding for the NVCE role. Most were prior program directors (59%), male (61%) and White (85%).

CONCLUSIONS: The NVCE role is new, and few have written job descriptions or specific funding for the role. They oversee education across the continuum of learners in their departments, communicate the education mission in an annual report and oversee educational scholarship. Most were not formally trained for the role and previously served in other education leadership roles. These data will be useful to programs in creating job descriptions and goals for the NVCE role.

Alternate JournalClin Neurol Neurosurg
PubMed ID34952366

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