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Opportunities and challenges for a maturing science of consciousness.

TitleOpportunities and challenges for a maturing science of consciousness.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMichel M, Beck D, Block N, Blumenfeld H, Brown R, Carmel D, Carrasco M, Chirimuuta M, Chun M, Cleeremans A, Dehaene S, Fleming SM, Frith C, Haggard P, He BJ, Heyes C, Goodale MA, Irvine L, Kawato M, Kentridge R, King J-R, Knight RT, Kouider S, Lamme V, Lamy D, Lau H, Laureys S, LeDoux J, Lin Y-T, Liu K, Macknik SL, Martinez-Conde S, Mashour GA, Melloni L, Miracchi L, Mylopoulos M, Naccache L, Owen AM, Passingham RE, Pessoa L, Peters MAK, Rahnev D, Ro T, Rosenthal D, Sasaki Y, Sergent C, Solovey G, Schiff ND, Seth A, Tallon-Baudry C, Tamietto M, Tong F, van Gaal S, Vlassova A, Watanabe T, Weisberg J, Yan K, Yoshida M
JournalNat Hum Behav
Date Published2019 02
KeywordsBiomedical Research, Consciousness, Humans, Neurosciences, Research Support as Topic
Alternate JournalNat Hum Behav
PubMed ID30944453
PubMed Central IDPMC6568255
Grant ListP2C HD041022 / HD / NICHD NIH HHS / United States
R21 EY028329 / EY / NEI NIH HHS / United States
R37 NS021135 / NS / NINDS NIH HHS / United States
U54 HD083211 / HD / NICHD NIH HHS / United States

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